Star Trails over Golden Ears

I’ve really been enjoying shooting star trails lately. They’re actually not nearly as scary to shoot as they look; the hard part is finding a suitable location. Two things I love: mountains and lakes. Any time I can combine mountains, lakes, and star trails, hell yes!
An image popped into my head that I shot a couple summers ago, at Jerry Sulina Park in Maple Ridge. Mountains? Check. Lake? Check. Clear night for stars? Check. Let’s do it!

Jerry Sulina Park in Maple Ridge

One thing that is the curse of any astrophotographer’s existence: AIRPLANES.
I had no idea that this area received THIS much airplane traffic. So much so that I figured it might make for a fun little time lapse. Kind of looks like an intergalactic space battle.

But alas, all the airplanes headed to YVR needed to disappear.  So hey, people flying in from Calgary or Toronto or wherever back east… Leave me alone for a couple hours, eh?!  Jeeeeeez!

Anyways……….. VOILA!

Star Trails over Golden Ears in Maple Ridge - Jerry Sulina Park

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  Guys, I hope you’re spoiling the hell out of your ladies.  I sure as hell did.

Since my wife is a fitness competitor, thus spending crazy amounts of time in the gym, I figured that she needed the the most badass pair of headphones on the market.  That’s right, Studio Beats by Dre – the gold colored Bluetooth ones!  I then decided that I liked them so much that I bought a pair for myself as well.

Ray and Mandy - Valentine's Day - Studio Beats by Dre

Oh yeah, and I upgraded her bling.  What girl doesn’t want that??

Valentine's Day - new diamond

I figured this gets me out of a card and flowers……… right?

Now, with all that being said, I’ll be running a SICK promo starting tomorrow.  If you’re newly engaged, I suggest you pay attention!


Irene: Red Dress

Model: Irene Axness: Family Management
Makeup: Carrie Cheng
Hair: Scissor Hex
Stylist: Lacey-June Berry
Wardrobe: Dream Shoot Rentals
Hosts: Hugh Tull & Robert Falconer
Producer: Lindsay Adler
Location: Studio 31 (Vancouver, BC)

This red dress is AWESOME.

Irene Axness - Red Dress - Lindsay Adler Fashion & Beauty Workshop - Vancouver Irene Axness - Red Dress - Lindsay Adler Fashion & Beauty Workshop - Vancouver Irene Axness - Red Dress - Lindsay Adler Fashion & Beauty Workshop - VancouverAnd this brings to a close my photos from Lindsay Adler’s workshop in Vancouver.  I heard a rumor she’ll be back on….. April Fool’s day?  Wish me luck – I feel if anybody will be out to get me……..!